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I was looking for a movie to watch after work, and I thought, hey, James Franco, Sophia Myles, Henry Cavill, and Rufus Sewell, all directed by Ridley Scott?! Well, it was pretty bad, but it wasn’t the worst 2 hours of my life. To the West, Ireland has flourished, untouched by the Romans, protected by the sea.

The movie is slick, I’ll give it that; it had plenty of action sequences, a good cast, and decent chemistry between Myles and Franco. Led by their powerful and ruthless king, the Irish have subdued the Britons, knowing that if Ireland is to proper, the tribes must never be allowed to unite” Thomas Sangster, watches as his father tries to unite the tribes, Jutes, Angles, Celts, and Saxons to fight against the Irish.

“Basically,” he says, “It’s a Stoner Frat Boy movie crow-barred into a medieval fantasy.” One of the many odd things about Your Highness is that you practically need a jeweller’s eye-glass to find Damian Lewis’s name on the credits.

It’s true that he’s not on screen for long, but as I watched his name appear long after those of Danny Mc Bride, James Franco, Natalie Portman.

There’s also a wafty scarlet satin curtain screening us off from the rest of the place. More than any other actor I’ve ever interviewed he seems entirely contented in his own skin.

He is presumed dead by Melot, but he’s been poisoned by Morholt’s sword.The News of the World claims that 27-year-old Miss Myles was devastated. One told the paper: "It was a complete shock for Sophia - she didn't see this coming."David just called and said it was all over.He stressed that it was no one else and it was just one of those things."It's been hard for them both because she's been filming in LA and David's been working in the UK."Tennant met Miss Myles on the set of Dr Who shortly after he landed the Time Lord role in the hit BBC1 show.sequel (presumably on the back of a matchbook, while drunk)."Yeah, I know," says Sophia Myles, the English actor who plays Isolde.Perhaps this is why he doesn’t seem remotely protective of his image.


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