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see above for corrections to this rather faulty piece.

* russian sexchart article - local link - 1- 3-02 english translation - according to babelfish "if two names they are connected by line, this means that between them there were kak the minimum, moist kisses." * geeks are having lots of sex - local link - 1- 2-02 "Personally, I think that the fact that the entire chart is still done in ASCII is its greatest feat." * klubq: 'sexchart' angers many - local link - 1- ?

The indictment alleges Copp tried to get two girls to convince an underage girl to expose her breasts online.

Copp already was facing charges of production, attempted production and possession of child pornography.

-02 "A simple ASCII chart showing dalliances from kissing to forced sex, it has made many who have been included angry." * NBC3 television interview - 1- 2-02, 1-12-02 shown as the 'feature story' on "news at 11" & also on "tech now", a bay-area program discussing new technology.

The company has a contract with the university and provides its own employees.

However, the ad was placed by police and Madsen was communicating with police officers when he believed he was texting a 16-year-old girl.

Court documents state that Madsen arranged to meet at a local hotel room for sex.

Copp pleaded not guilty to the original indictment.

A man who works for Sodexo, a company that provides dining services to Gonzaga University, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly arranging to have sex with a 16-year-old girl in exchange for money. Madsen, 62, is facing charges of commercial sex abuse of a minor and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.


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