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But when it came to shooting the bondage sessions, Dornan was all too aware of how uncomfortable it was for Johnson.“She’s the one who is very naked and tied up.

Simply hover over the top right corner of the video as it’s playing and click on the Download This Video option.All five of these parts are designed to work together in harmony.In our search for intimacy we want the solution today, or yesterday. It is easier to be physically intimate with someone than to be intimate in any of the other four areas.Dornan took it upon himself to protect Johnson as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, in a bid to prevent her becoming “just a naked person tied to a bed”.“It makes sense to be in the position she is between action and cut, but when they called cut, as the closest person to her I felt the need to throw a dressing gown over her, untie her, make sure everyone kept their distance for a while until she was comfortable,” he said.“I’d be a pretty awful human being if I didn’t do that.” The Red Room bondage scenes were shot in the final week of the shoot, when Dornan and Johnson had “built up a friendship and trust for each other”.Neither actor was asked to do anything they refused to and “nothing horrific” was sprung upon them.As a nation we’re fascinated by sex and we all want to know whether our own sex lives are ’normal’.


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