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Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. I have been using this app for almost a year, and at first, it was a great app. My most recent bans were caused by saying "Food is overrated." and "The mods are ban happy." Surprise, surprise, it was an automated ban that ended up kicking (a word we aren't allowed to say) me out of the app for 21 hours. You will find there different kind of personalities: wealthy businessmen, hot girls, married women, lesbians, gays, addictive role play gamers, charming ladies, student teenagers, friendly foreigners, single asians, black people, caucasians, etc. Block)3) Founders and moderators of chat rooms have a new menu: press any message in a chat room you control to Report/Ban messages easily4) Delete any of your messages in a private chat by long pressing it - Delete5) Improved spam protection and security: - new private chats allow the founder to describe the reason for a chat in 1 message- the receivers of the new chats have an option to easily accept, report and delete the chat in a pop up menu6) People section works faster7) People section recovers part of the contacts if installing the app on a different device It's getting to the point where I get banned from the app on a daily basis.Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, are not listed.The historical concept and definition of sexual orientation varies and has changed greatly over time; for example the word "gay" wasn't used to describe sexual orientation until the mid 20th century.Examples of recent discussion areas within this forum include: LGBT Chats From time to time, moderated chats specifically for LGBTQ survivors are held.These chats focus on specific issues relevant to LGBTQ survivors, and chatters are often given the opportunity to suggest a topic for discussion.It is normal to feel physically attracted to someone of the same sex, but if you could see yourself having a life with that person then you could be either gay, bisexual, or lesbian. Personally, I feel like everyone has felt same sex attraction at least once. I identify as Pansexual (Liking people regardless of any gender identity), and there is more than just straight, lesbian, gay, or bi. That being said, it is entirely possible to be gay and feel very minimal attraction to the opposite sex, or to be straight and have some gay thoughts.When it comes down to it, it's all what feels right for you.

Dear developers, What you have made is an amazing app and I love to text on it when I'm not banned, but there are a lot of major problems with this app.At Pandora's Project, we recognize the importance of providing support to fellow survivors that belong to minority groups that are not always accepted, understood or tolerated in mainstream society.All survivors are welcomed here, regardless of sexual orientation, sexual identification and gender expression / identity.We have many members who identify as LGBT, and many others who are questioning (or have questioned) their sexual identity.As a member of the Pandora's Aquarium message board, you will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to our thriving and active message board and chat rooms, which aim to provide peer support and foster healing. In the words of some LGBT members: Specifically for the survivor who is LGBTQ At Pandy's, we acknowledge that sexual violence can result in the LGBT survivor needing to address specific, and potentially unique, issues and concerns.Figuring out your sexuality can be a very complex and personal thing.


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