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Stay safe, Steven The Red House Girls Club is famous for their fantastic selection of beauties!

Different to most places, they will not offer only 5 to 15 girls to pick your baby out, here they will provide nearly all around the day more than 30 to 40 girls who are free to select (at least same number will be busy that time.

But even if you have been in Beijing for a while already, you may still find some useful new info and maybe want to contribute your own experiences.

We, that is my husband and I, moved to Beijing from the US in 2011.

So I can say I almost half blind looking at her body. Meet her around noon, she seems a little in a rush since I was there already and she’s not. Then CG, after about 5 mins she ask to change position so go for missionary and she surprisingly came very fast, so I shot along. Suddenly remember I got Wen Wen’s contact and tried my luck calling her. Massage was quite ok, basic neck, shoulder and back, with some free roaming, i couldn’t stop grabbing her ass =p.

Not easy for me to have a full view of her pussy as from outside I noticed it getting dark and she doesn’t switch on the lights on her bedroom. Origin : Bakso Location : Puchong Name : Mawar Age : late 30 Look : 6/10, Body : 6/10 Boobs : 6/10, A Bit Saggy DFK : Nope, Just A Normal Ones DATY : Nope For Me Massage : 6/10 AR : No BJ : 6/10 FJ : 6/10 GFE : 6/10 Overall : 6/10 WIR : As Always Damage : RM150 Per Session Got number from webmaster and went to contact her to make appointment. Location: Cheras On one fine afternoon, I passed by Pudu area because of work. She went from the head, slowly down the shaft to the balls, slurping all the way, she really knew how to stimulate the sensitive areas nicely. Then she went to wash up a bit and came back, continued with back massage.

Cientos de usuarios se conectan a diario nuestras Salas de Chat Webcam Gratis con su webcam conectada en busca de diversion, chatear, ligar o tener cibersexo, pero sobretodo pasar un rato inolvidable.

Have some chat with her while smoking and then I pay her and left. I had to put it back and finger her until the bed sheet was WET! After roaming up and down my body with her kisses, she started on the main event and I can tell you that it is the best BBBJ that I’ve experienced in my whole life, no escort can even come near to her skills.

I can hear her sound like she enjoying it, but more like a bluff. Then I finished up my intention and just lay down a while before proceeding to take a bath. I complemented her on her cat bath skills, she mentioned that she trained a lot of Thai girls who works in MPs, back in the days when she was still active in the business, even Thai have to learn from her, no wonder her skills are second to none.

She was wearing sexy lingerie, for her age 30 plus, her skin is very smooth. Then she started cat bath, but unfortunately my body is too sensitive, feel tickling. She blowjob me holly cow….slow…slow…until you feel that youre in heaven…and she will asked are you ok? Licked and fingered her for a good 10 minutes while she moaned and worked on my little brother.

She dim the light asked me to strip and she started to massage me with some oil. Then she gave me blow job with cold and hot water, mint, banana, jelly… Her pussy is nice and clean, can’t help but to sniff and lick. Then she capped me, she started on top, then front, and ended with her at bottom. Wanted to try 3P with her protege Xiao Yan next round, but she wasn’t in Malaysia so see if still got chance to Double Fly next time. Unloaded in her mouth after that, still in 69 position.


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