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Well, here is the fun little fact that makes this different than any other relationship I’ve had…I would probably have to strain myself very hard to find any physical similarity and I wouldn’t dream of doing so in a million years. I’m sure throughout this blog I’ll have posts that deal with other things because my life does not revolve around my boyfriend but for the most part I hope to keep it focused on this.I’m sure many people would agree that dating can be chaos more often than not. I dated his younger brother for 5 or 6 months last year.Finding the man, wearing an outfit that’s just right (wouldn’t want to come across as trying to hard or looking like you don’t care at all), and making sure you don’t come across a spaz when you are just excited about a guy. Well, I am more than happy to explain why the title of my blog is called “The Dating Ladder” instead of whatever you think it should be called. Obviously there is some recent chaos in my life and more specifically it revolves around my dating life. I hadn’t had communication of any kind with my ex/his brother since September until the other night when I texted him to inform him of the situation we find ourselves currently in. I gave him plenty of time to do so but he never had the opportunity so I informed him Saturday that I was taking this matter into my hands.I also work with non profit organizations/groups and attend local tech events etc Oh !I nearly forgot to mention that I go out on dates too .However, convinced that Phyllisia knewwhat she wanted, her father bought her a piano at the age of five, after he saw his daughterplaying the neighbor's piano.Before her father passed when she was 10 she always promised him that she would get the education needed to become a doctor, a promise that she wanted to keep.“Being well rounded and using all of God’s gifts and resources is and always will be a priority to me” says Phyllisia.

affaire (French) = To clean, to prepare (in context it could mean clean, skin, gut, scale, or any combination).

She has become a part of the Project Medishare for Haiti family and is devoted to making a difference.

Her father envisioned her becoming a medical doctor.

Disclaimer: All places and names in this article are fake for the sake of anonymity . So what worked for me might not necessarily work for you . Most people don’t consider disabled people as dating materials .

Actually there are 2 kind of stories here : As for me, I was of neither camps . I learned how things work in the dating world the hard way; through trials and errors .


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