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First, the "H" for hyperactivity: Most adults dont exhibit these hyperactive symptoms, and because of that a lot of people dont ever consider the fact that they could have this condition.

Learning about ADHDGiving Support Living Everyday Life Taking Care of Yourself Community Q&A Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) presents symptoms that can lead to a person having more difficulties with attention, impulsive behaviors, forgetfulness and focusing.

Having severe ADHD is like living inside a tornado, in the middle of Los Angeles during rush hour. We might see our old high school senior picture hanging up on the way to go shower, and the next thing we know, two hours have passed because we found our old yearbook.

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Oh, and your shirt you gave us a week ago with three missing buttons. We have mood swings, but they're not something we want.Jiggling our legs up and down, pacing a room, or fidgeting with something, we're restless and hate to sit for long periods of time. And then it'll drive us nuts what it was that we forgot.At times we feel like we should be doing something, even if we don't know what that something is. We have a lot of energy and have already calculated our next 18 steps, before you even knew what your next step would be.5. Sorry if we complete your sentence, we're just can't wait our turn, we're impatient as fuck.This piece is Katie’s Klabusich’s second dispatch from the front lines of her romantic life for the #Its Totally Me dating series, which follows Establishment writers Klabusich and Wagatwe Wanjuki as they utilize professional matchmakers and the insights of various experts to get to the bottom of their perpetual singledom.You can read the series’ introductory post of matchmakers see a lot.”Emma Tessler of Dating Ring is the best I’ve ever encountered at gently explaining something the listener isn’t going to like and may even react disastrously to.Its not that there werent little red flags everywhere; I just didnt know what they were. We tried counseling, and the therapists just loved to hear our stories: They could tell we loved each other and they were thoroughly entertained by our problems, but they just couldnt give us any good suggestions.


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