Accommodating relationship in workplace

Every organization starts from a different place and in a unique context, but all have room for improvement.

An educational approach can help to negate many fears that people have when it comes to addressing diversity.

Relatedness cannot be discovered without some degree of interaction for obvious reasons; if two employees never interact, they never have the opportunity learn about their common interests.

The chart below displays where different varieties of relationships fall on this spectrum.

What do Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Julia Roberts have in common?

They all met their spouses at the office, says Stephanie Losee, co-author of Office Mate.

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Losee visited the Money Watch studios to discuss the dos and don’ts of office romance; you can watch the full conversation below.For more information on an employer's legal requirements and sample policies related to conflict resolution, please refer to the Conflict Resolution section of the HR Toolkit's list of Sample Policies on Common HR Topics.Conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships.Every individual on the relationship spectrum contributes to how employee engagement is shaped in their work environment.Relationships in the workplace are a byproduct of two primary factors: interaction, how often two people connect and communicate, and relatedness, or how much two people have in common.For example, an employee may feel that sexual orientation or a hidden disability cannot be revealed due to fear of reprisals.


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